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Expert advice on avoiding online fraud.

A Smart Job Search is a Safe Job Search

Monster is dedicated to providing the safest possible environment for you to search for jobs and manage your career. To assist with that goal, we ask that you keep a few simple security precautions in mind when evaluating job postings on Monster and job opportunities that you may receive unsolicited via email.

For example, it's possible that you may encounter fraudulent job opportunities when searching for jobs online, or you may receive fraudulent email that has had the sender's address forged to make it appear as if it came from Monster. Such practices are a violation of Monster's Terms of Use and may be a criminal violation of federal and/or state law.

Regrettably, all online companies are susceptible to occasional scams. While Monster makes every effort to prevent this abuse, it is not immune to such activity. To help you conduct a safer job search, we've assembled the following security-related articles and resources. Familiarizing yourself with this information will help you better manage your career.

  • Managing Your Online Account Credentials
    When it comes to your Monster profile, employer account and other online accounts, your password is the key to your site experience and personal information.
  • Email Scams
    We're all familiar with spam. But what about spoofing and phishing? Both terms refer to fraudulent emails that illegally collect personal information.
  • Resume Security
    Posting your resume on Monster is an important part of your job search. We'll show you how to keep your resume safe, while allowing employers to find you.
  • Money-Laundering & Reshipping Scams
    Someone from another country needs your help transferring funds. What seems like a lucrative job offer could cost you your savings and more.
  • Computer Threats
    Some online criminals are trying to steal more than your identity. Learn how to protect your computer from the threats that make you vulnerable to these crimes.
  • Protect Your Info During A Job Search
    Sharing personal information with a potential employer may be reasonable. Controlling when, how, and to whom you release information is the key.
  • ID Theft Awareness and Avoidance
    Identity theft is one of America's fastest growing crimes. Know the specific steps to take, both before and after the fact, to reduce your risk and minimize the damage.
  • Avoiding Work-at-Home Scams
    Working at home sounds great. You set your own hours and the commute can't be beat. But get the facts before you consider accepting an offer.
  • Network Safely Online
    Making new contacts online can help with your job search and your career. Knowing what to share and when is the first step.
  • Learn How to Control Your Privacy Online
    It's time to take control of your personal information-before somebody else does. Whether you blog, visit social networking sites…or just like to buy shoes online, anyone can find out who you are. The following article will show you how to control your personal information and maintain your privacy.
  • Monster's Privacy Settings Let You Control Your Resume Information
    When you post a resume on Monster, you'll be in charge of what information others can see about you. But you have to select the correct privacy settings. Follow the instructions in this concise article, and you'll be in charge of what information others can see about you.
  • Get the Inside Scoop on Cookies and Web Beacons
    Cookies make your interaction with a website faster and more personal. Web beacons allow a site to count the users who go to certain pages, compiling statistics that show how the site is used. Neither cookies nor web beacons are harmful-but both can be controlled. Get the facts in the following article.

Learn more about conducting a safe job search.

Reporting Fraud

If you see a questionable job posting or any potential misuse of the Monster website or its brand, please report the suspected fraud to Monster.

You can also report questionable job postings to Monster while viewing the job by clicking the “Report this job” link in the top right corner of the page. Note: the “Report this job” link on job view pages does not include an email option for Monster to reply to you. If a reply is needed, please use the above link instead.

If you think you have been a victim of fraud, immediately report the fraud to your local police and contact Monster, so steps can be taken to ensure your safety.