Monster Cover Letters

Monster Cover Letters

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By Kim Isaacs, Monster Resume Expert

You already know how important it is to store a CV on Monster, but are you taking advantage of Monster's cover letter feature? In today's job market, competition for the best jobs is fierce.
Give yourself an advantage by sending a customized, compelling cover letter with your CV when applying for jobs on Monster.


Write your cover letter in your word-processing program so you have access to features such as spell check. Because your letter will be viewed via email, the letter should be concise -- three to four brief paragraphs. Avoid beginning sentences with "I" or "my." Instead, focus on the employer's needs and demonstrate how your skills, achievements and track record would benefit the recipient's organization. A great strategy is to review job ads for your intended goal. Look for credentials that employers find desirable and incorporate your related qualifications into the letter.

After you have written and proofread your letter, login to your Monster account, select "Letters" from the navigational bar and then click "Create a New Letter." Give the letter a title to help you distinguish between other letters you might store. Copy and paste your cover letter into the "Letter Content" box and click "Save Letter."

You may store up to five cover letters, which is ideal if you have more than one career objective or are targeting different types of hiring managers such as employers and recruiters. You may also store follow-up letters (such as interview thank-you notes) and use the "Send Letter" feature to email your letter to hiring managers.


When you search for jobs on Monster, it's easiest to have two windows open -- one for searching jobs and the other for your letters.

When you find a position that interests you, go to "Letters" and "Duplicate" the most appropriate letter. This will allow you to customize your letter while saving the original.

If a contact person's name is given, address that person in your salutation. Carefully read the job posting to uncover clues about the employer's ideal candidate. If the ad calls for a certain skill set or experience that you possess, tailor your letter to emphasize your matching qualifications.

If you know the company name, go the extra mile and research the company. An easy way to do this is to visit the company's Web site and read the "About Us" page as well as any recent press releases it may have posted. Is it expanding into new territories or launching a new business venture? Are you excited by the company's direction and would love to be part of such a winning team? If so, say so in the letter.

With the majority of applicants failing to personalize their cover letters, your enthusiasm for the position will help you stand out from the crowd. After you have finished customizing and proofreading your letter, save it and return to the job posting.


Click "Apply", which is at the end of the job listing. Follow the prompts to select the cover letter and CV you want to submit, and when you're done click "Confirm & Send." Your customized letter and CV will be instantly delivered to the hiring manager.

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