10 career resolutions you can absolutely accomplish

It’s that time of year again—time to set those New Year goals. At this point, though, you know the drill: You set a goal (no more carbs!), stick to it for a month (if you’re lucky), and then revert to your old habits

You are a bookcover with 3 keywords. Does your CV make the cut ?

As the saying goes ‘Never judge a book by its cover”. But that is exactly what you are – a book cover - in his limited daily time the recruiter has to judge which of the CVs he will look into more detail and eventually contact by phone or invite for an interview.

How to Bridge CV Gaps – Truthfully!

CV gaps are becoming more common. Whether it’s due to redundancy, time taken off to retrain or to travel around the world, our work lives no longer follow a linear, uninterrupted path.

How to Negotiate a Pay Rise

Many employees are fearful of asking for more when the prevailing environment is one of ‘you’re lucky to have a job.’

Is It Smart to Dumb Down Your CV?

Is it ever to your advantage to omit or downplay experience, degrees or other credentials on your CV to help land an interview? Experts weigh in.